Vendra Rasthe Picture

==> be shy troll
your name is VENDRA RASTHE. you are quite SHY, and have a variety of INTERESTS. you like STARGAZING and playing with WOOLBEASTS that live around your hive. your LUSUS is a GIANT WOOLBEASTS. she makes you FILE your horns down to little really like the color RED, which is the color of your RAINBOOTS. you enjoy MYTHOLOGY, and look up to your also enjoy playing VIDEO GAMES with your friends.
your trolltag is sheepishStargazer
and you ta?k ??ke uh because you are unsure of yourse?f and are afra?d of mak?ng others mad..
Name :Vendra Rasthe
Age: 6 solar sweeps
Blood Color:Yellow
Title: Maid of Blood
Fetch Modus: Telescope
Strife Specibi: CrookKind
Planet: Land of Wilt and Willow
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