Grorn-the Series: Enmagis Picture

Personality: Enmagis is a reserved, disciplined being, believed to be the origin of the mindset of the monk on earth. He pursues nothing beyond need, defends himself and those who cannot defend themselves, and prefers to spend his days meditating in remote places. Before being trapped by Grorn, however, he was a xenophobic creature that attacked everything that could be a threat.


-Super Strength: Enmagis has the physique comparable to a Spartan, signs of a long life of endless training and physical conditioning, and through a mix of this and cyborg implants, his physical strength is remarkable even by kaiju standards, and can lift objects or individuals twice his mass with a single hand.

-Cyborg Implants: Enmagis comes from a world where the warriors battle with unnatural implants attached to their own bodies, the more items they bear the better. Enmagis has five, a set of prosthetic wrists that utilize vacuum technology to increase reach and grip ability, prosthetic feet that adjust gravitational purposes. a bladed wheel that can detach from his back and serve as both shield and throwing weapon, a multi-part staff that functions similarly to a prehensile tail, and a face-plate containing both elemental controlling magi-technology and powerful sensory technology, allowing him to never be caught by surprise. These weapons can be wielded to deadly effect.

-Division: An ability not completely understood, Enmagis has demonstrated the ability to split his body into a maximum of four smaller selves, each armed with the individual weapons. This allows Enmagis to both handle multiple opponents and overwhelm a single one. It is believed Grorn learned to replicate this ability after the two battled in the ancient past.

-Terrakinesis: Enmagis’s face plate allows him to manipulate the structure of minerals with his mind. This is usually only used for defensive purposes, but also was used in his interstellar voyage after being defeated by Gazirahi to keep himself alive in deep space.

-Heat Beam: Enmagis’ most powerful weapon courtesy of his face plate, a concentrated, thin beam of pure heated energy that can lance straight through most enemies. It can only fire in short bursts due to high energy costs, can only be fired in a straight line, and it can be reflected back at him, making the weapon a bit of a wild card.

Origin: The planet Wuk was a verdant paradise, rich and scenic beyond compare, but unfortunately it had no life of its own. So when it was found by an ancient interstellar caravan carrying with them an ancient religion called gla vara dis, it seemed natural to turn it into a place of learning and peace. They built a temple into the side of the mountain, careful not to disturb too much of the natural beauty, and the followers, from all species and star systems, began to congregate there. Enmagis, a ruffian that never exactly had a home, showed up on the grounds one day, and was taught their ways as anyone who came did. Of simple mind at the time, he did not understand everything of the mind, but the martial arts was something he did so well at it frightened most of the other members. He was something of the clown on campus, and remained so despite all attempts to prove himself. Then Gazirahi the star killer appeared on the planet, and everything changed. The acolytes stood up to the solar abomination, and managed to ward off the destruction of the planet for many a moon, but ultimately they met a grim fate. All except one soul, Enmagis, who managed to flee the destruction inside of a cocoon of stone. He would wander the stars for some time until, by coincidence alone, he would land upon the planet earth in the midst of Grorn’s battle with the Longs. He would attack Grorn and Quing in blind fury until Quing’s sacrifice resulted in the two of them being trapped underneath mountains in preservation for eons. Enmagis, finding himself for the first time in ages trapped with no control, began to think. He thought about the words he had long heard at the temple, what they meant. And, over time, they made sense to him. When he awoke again and could move, he would be a fully practicing, and perhaps the last practicing, member of gla vara dis.


I didn't think I'd get another one done so soon, but last night was an odd combo of my imagination being on fire and my need to sleep being smaller than usual. So, I decided I would go ahead and crank out another.

This guy is one of the first kaiju I wanted to put in this series, though he was conceptualized long before Grorn the series was even a twinkle in my eye. This guy, like Grorn, is set to appear as a Dark Hours kaiju as well, only with a bit of a different look and story last I touched on it. He is based on, though I'm sure all you mythology nuts already have guessed, the awesome Son Wukong. The monkey king, believe it or not, is one of my favorite legendary figures, I guess I'm drawn to the spirited types. I played around with the myth of him coming from a stone and turned it into him coming to earth in the KT meteor. That way it not only toyed with Chinese myth, him fighting a dragon in the form of Quing, but also playing the monkey vs. dinosaur angle the kaiju genre is so well known for.

Enmagis is no villain for most of the story, though, like Quing he gets a good dose of time to think and becomes one of the few true alien earth defenders. In some ways he's the Kong to Grorn's Godzilla, as he's much tougher than the life knight at first but later the two find themselves equals and allies against greater threats, most of which you will see.

All right, I believe that covers it. The next entries will probably be more kaiju to emerge before the story begins, but I am not 100% sure yet so we'll see. Crim out.
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