Alpha Trion bio card Picture

Thought I'd post this just for S&Gs. This is the bio car (package back) I created for my custom of one Alpha Trion (One of the Original Thirteen) that I made back in 2006 from Cybertron Vector Prime (found here [link] ). It's more of a graphic design piece rather than an illustration piece. It's based upon the original 2006 Classics voyager class packaging.

Below is the text for the card (part of it taken from the his DW MtMtE profile):

“Until that day, until all are one.’

Profile: Ancient and wise beyond measure, Alpha Trion is believed to be one of the Original 13, the first Transformers ever created by Primus himself. He has seen the planet Cybertron go from war zone to utopia and back countless times over the ages, and though he has never officially affiliated himself with any modern faction, he is revered by the AUTOBOTS™ for his legendary wisdom and compassion. Throughout time immemorial he has secretly guided the Council of Elders and in the choice of new Primes, ensuring the protection of Cybertron and the Matrix. He created both Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, and is very fond of his “sons”, and maintains a special bond with them both. He alone guards the key which will unlock Vector Sigma.

Abilities: Alpha Trion’s wisdom and power are legendary, and is one of the few who know the true nature of Vector Sigma and the Matrix. He has detailed knowledge of Ancient Cybertronian history, mythology, and science, and is the only one who knows the way through the ever changing labyrinth within Cybertron which leads to Vector Sigma. He transforms into an ancient Cybertronian star cruiser capable of interstellar flight and is armed with a crystalline sword which will cut through almost anything. He is also armed with two double-blaster cannons in his feet. His partner, Beta Maxx transforms from space fighter to robot mode and can also attach to various weapon mounts on Alpha Trion himself and act as a plasma cannon, granting him extra fire power. He can also link directly to Vector Sigma and other computer systems.

Weaknesses: Alpha Trion has no known physical weakness.
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