Old spice vs Jormungand Picture

I don't know if anyone has kept up with the old spice commercials, but Old Spice Guy got Challenged by Fabio to see who'd be more worthy of being eh Old spice guy.

One of the challenges set my Animal Planet was to see which one was man enough to go Noodling.

Old Spice guy's answer was him taking on the Midgard Serpent, or what you may know as Jormungand. For those who don't know, Jormungand was the Serpent son of Loki and Angreboda in Norse Mythology. When Odin found out about Loki's three monster Children, He cast Hel into the Underworld, Chained up Fenrir, and tossed Jormungand into the Oceans of Midgard, or Earth. There he got so big that it is said that he was able to wrap around the entirety of the Earth.

Here the Old Spice Guy challenges him on a Surfboard like a Boss. In the back ground is Ran making a sea storm just to help prove Old Spice Guys power. Thor is also in this pic because when Thor took on Jormungand during Ragnarok, he died, but Old Spice Guy....he still alive. Underneath the Surfboard are Undines who have decided to stop their pursuit of Njord and try to get with Old Spice Guy because Old Spice Guy is full of Epic Win.

Oh, and the one in Ran's net? That's Fabio, in Chibi form, floating in a pot crying like a pussy.

If you'd like to see the vids to know what I am talking about , go here.
Freaking hilarious!
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