Eelend Picture

Based on my original Eelend:…
When the Eelend were first discovered, their long, gracile form kept their true origins a secret. Even the Eelend themselves had little idea where they'd come from - though their mythology reflected something of the facts of their genesis. But eventually the coincidences piled up, and the theories began to expand; how were the Eelend and the Remlans(quantum-continuum.deviantart.c…) so similar? Both were spiritual peoples. Both possessed similar aspects of physiology. And both even had the capability of using telekinesis. Eventually, the suspicions gained enough ground to warrant an investigation, and it was discovered that the Eelend were the long lost cousin-race of the Remlans. Based on their mythology, the theory goes that a group of Remlans was abducted from Remlai, and brought to the planet Mukka(The homeworld of the Eelend). During the journey they passed into Q-space while contained in a less protected area of the ship, causing them to mutate beyond recognition. Though the purpose of their abduction remains theoretical, the effect are well known by Eelend biology.

The four lobes extending back from the posterior end of a Remlan's head are absent in the Eelend, replaced by fin-like structures(In more elaborate theories, the abductors genetically modified the Eelend specifically to bear these). It is believed the Remlan ability to see and control dark matter & energy are processed in the parts of their brains contained somewhere in those lobes. This hypothesis is backed by the fact that the Eelend - in whom these lobes are absent - have lost these abilities. Instead of biologically being able to use dark energy for telekinesis, the strange journey the Eelend took through Q-space awakened their minds to the presence of ambient Ke energy in the fabric of reality. Though now - with the help of expanded information on Ke energy - they can learn to use their powers in other ways, the culture of the Eelend has for centuries revolved around using their Ke influence for "element"-bending(The classical elements of fire, earth, water, and air).
Besides the fins on the head, which have little functionality, one of the features that is most different from their Remlan ancestors are their eyes, which each contain a slit pupil, and a round pupil. Otherwise, most of their bodies are simply variations on the Remlans - longer legs, longer tail & back, and a long neck.
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