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Name: Diosma

Size: Originally roughly the size of 30 story building, now she is the size of a planet and has lifeforms on her

Weight: Inmesureable for both sizes due to Diosma's levitaion ability and her size after growing to planet size

Powers: Levitation, body made of a crystiline material equal to Dark Matter's body, can create life, telepathy, telikinesis, can channel light through her body and shoot a high powered laser from her eye, can astroproject her soul into the form of a beautiful Xantarian woman, has four daimonds floating around her that can generate a force feild

History: Diosma's origins coinside with Darkmatter's, she is one of the originals and the Yin to Darkmatter's Yang, where Darkmatter was taker of life, Diosma was the giver, responsible for creating 99% of all life in the universe, to she was known to ancient Xantarians as the goddess of life (note: it is unknown how the Xantarians have Diosma in their mythology seeing as no other sentient races have knowlage of her) she became known when she hovered over Stonehenge in Northern England to feed on the energy from the planet's laylines, it was then Windigo attacked London, Diosma came to the rescue, Windigo had his hands full fighting this beining, with the exception of her eyelids her crystal skin was thicker than Darkmatter's making it harder to crack, and her forcefeild didn't help him either, but Windigo being ever persistant managed to go for the eye and kill her.....or so we thought, Diosma's body teleported away and grew to massive size, 5 years later she was teleported between Mars and Jupiter being the 10th planet in earth's solar system, upon exploration it is revealed that she has primitive lifeforms forest, and oceans, it is unknown if she created the life on the herself or what
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