Garm Picture

I heard that name in a video game. I was wondering if it had any signigicance. Well it turns out it's from Norse mythology. Garm was the large wolf creature that guarded Hel's gate to the afterlife. The bad afterlife... the good afterlife was up in asgard where the warriors who died heroic deaths got to stay. Vahalla... yah.

Well I thought, I draw demons for my fantasy world. But they aren't evil. They're sentient creatures like the humans. They have the capacity for evil just like humans but aren't created for such a black and white purpose. All if it was shades of grey.

Well why not create creatures BORN from those evils. The gods of the world "Bahdrah" (The world where Haruko lives as well as my other demon races) were shaped and formed from the beleifs of the mortals living on the planet. There's more than one religion and they all play a part in the form of the gods since the beliefs are what drive them.

Well evil forces make their way like that too. But they aren't sentient forces like the three gods. I dunno how to explain it, this has been off the top of my head. I came up with it recently... Anyway, I want to make some hellish beasts. True evil demons.

This one here is Garm. Or The Garm. Or whatever. A story surrounding him comes from the nomadic Warg culture (Rio's clan is from this group). He's the evil beast born from the hatred and evils of the world. He takes the bones and flesh of his enemies and graphs them onto his body, as his is always rotting away.

He's an embodyment of jealousy, greed and cruelty. He's a beast that lacks a living body. He's held together with magic but needs to replenish his body as peices rot away. In turn he attacks and kills the creatures that he's jealous of, since they have healthy living bodies.

His greed and cruelty gets the best of him though as he enjoys slaughtering his victims. He can only grow so large till the newly aquired flesh starts to fall off as he roams the land.

The thing about his body is that the flesh last for a while before it rots away. He doesn't need to kill as often as he does. Heck, he could walk into a butcher shop and take a dead cow and graft it onto his body, but he prefers to hear his victims scream in agony as he slowly kills them.

I'm thinking of creating a hero story surrounding this creature. I like what I have so far about the flesh stealing part. He uses the bones of his enemies as armor, since his bones never wear away. But yah, a Warg hero steps forth and takes the creature down. Preferably with a large war hammer. Don't ask, it's all up here *points to head*.

Anyway, these demons are called foul demons. Truely evil creatures, not a race of anything. Monsters born of mortal flaws. I plan on making another that is a personification of lust. And NO, I'm not making a set of the seven deadly sins. That's been done to death. I'm making creatures out of groups of evils.

BTW, that's a third eye on his forehead.
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