Height: 50 meters

Weight: 80,000 metric tons

Flight speed: Supersonic

Space Flight speed: N/A

Armor: Space Titanium DX-3

Powercore: Primitive fusion reactor

Manufacturer: Simeon

Movement system: Hydraulic actuators, Anti-Gravity boosters

Sensors: Optics, Audio Receptors


Plasma Beam Cannon- Fires a green hued stream of fiery plasma which burns at 1500 degrees Celsius

Energy Beams- Fires energy beams made up of highly concentrate beams of light. Very powerful, able to knock down monsters of similar size and mass.

Lightning Emitter- Opens chest plates and fires a linear bolt of electricity with incredible cutting properties. Capable of slicing large rock formations clean in half.

Missles- Stored inside hands when not in use. Hand gauntlet flips open to reveal the missles just above the knuckles. Interchangeable warheads ranging from Explosive Frag, Barbed for embedding in soft tissue, Electrical and Incindiary. Extra ammunition is stored in forearms. Maximum magazine capacity of 40 missles per arm.

Combat Spikes- Designed for close-quarters combat. Located on knees and elbows. Diamond tipped.


Space Titanium DX-3 armor. Designed for absorbing maximum damage while sacrificing mobility. Reinforced at a molecular level and chemically treated. Armor is thickest on head, neck, chest, forearms, abdomen, calves, tail, and back. Abdominal plating protects the delicate reactor casing.


Several hundred years ago during a violent war between the Simeons and the Nebula M Aliens, the Simeons continued to send scouts to other worlds to find another planet to colonize. One such planet was Earth in the year 1954. Simeon agents stationed in Tokyo witnessed the destruction caused by the first Godzilla, and relayed this information back to their High Command. It was deemed that "Godzilla" as the humans called it, was to be captured and used as the ultimate weapon of the Simeon race to crush the M Nebula aliens once and for all. However before the beast could be captured, it was killed by the sacrifice of a young scientist named Dr Serizawa. It was a stinging loss of oppertunity, but it did not deter the Simeons. If they could not have the original Godzilla then perhaps they can build a monster, something like Godzilla to use for their war effort. Basing it's design off of the 1954 Godzilla, this "Mechagodzilla" immediatly began construction in orbit above the Simeon's dying home planet. Within as little as a year, the titanic mech was finished thanks to the technological mastery of the Simeons.

The mech was loaded onto a captured Nebula M cargo vessle and sent to their homeworld in the guise of a vessle making a supply run. Once the vessle touched down, the mech was remotely activated and proceeded to plow through the wall of the cargo ship and out into the open where it took the nearby capital city of the Nebulas completely by surprise. With it's impressive firepower, the mechanical monster easly leveled the capitol city of the Nebulans and delivered a crippling blow. This proved to be fatal in the end, as the Nebulans began to evacuate their homeworld en-mass. However as Mechagodzilla approached the final bastion of the Nebula M aliens, the sky was illuminated wth a dozen shooting stars. These where actually plasma torpedoes from the Nebulan ships in orbit and in a split second, Mechagodzilla vanished in a colorful flash of light and an explosion that shook the planet to it's core. When the smoke cleared, all that was left of Mechagodzilla where molten rivers of metal and partially disembodied limbs.

This loss was not a signifigant one, as the machine had done it's job and the Simeons proceeded to mop up the rest of the Nebulan fleet. However damage from the war had rendered the Nebula M alien's planet almost completely uninhabitable. All was not lost, however as the Simeons still had one more planet that was a strong candidate for colonization: Earth. Their weapon: A second Mechagodzilla. With the remainder of their fleet, the Simeons arrived at Earth in the year 1974 and deployed their new Mechagodzilla. However what they didn't count on was another Godzilla who would surely try and stop their advance. To fool the humans and turn them against the real Godzilla, Mechagodzilla was gruesomly dressed in a Godzilla flesh disguise, grown in the Simeon's laboratories. To further sell the disguise, certain parts of Mechagodzilla would have to be removed such as the Combat Spikes and the stabilization fin on it's tail. With it's flesh coat equipped, Mechagodzilla was unleashed on the world at Mt Fuji. Smashing through the countryside, the incognito mech succeeded in fooling humans into thinking it was the real Godzilla, even brutally maiming Godzilla's ally Anguirus.

After beating Anguirus to near death, Mechagodzilla marched onwards to Osaka where it began to lay waste to the industrial sector. However it's disguise began to falter here. During it's battle with Anguirus a peice of the imposter's flesh was scraped off, briefly revealing the silvery Space Titanium below before it was covered in the mech's convincing blood. It was not long before the real Godzilla arrived and challenged the fake to a battle. The titans clashed, however the more damage Mechagodzilla took the more it's disguise degraded. The entire neck/collar area was now shining with glistning metal amongst the torn flesh and dried blood. Godzilla blasted away at the imposter with his ray, blowing off chunks of flesh and revealing more and more machinery. Godzilla's atomic ray detonated near by fuel tanks, engulfing the imposter. As Godzilla turned to leave, two red eyes stared at him through the flames.

Mechagodzilla lumbered out of the fire and immediatly engaged Godzilla with it's full arsenal now online. Godzilla was quickly beaten with a salvo of missles and a blast from Mechagodzilla's Energy Beams. Beleving Godzilla to be dead, Mechagodzilla returned to it's base in Okinawa. However Godzilla was not the only threat; Simeon agents identified another threat in the form of King Seesar. King Seesar was a monster from Okinawan mythology which would protect the kingdom of the Royal Azumi. The island was once attacked by a giant serpent which rose from the sea and began to destroy villages on the island. One day a thundering roar was heard as the earth came alive in the form of a giant Shisa statue which crushed the serpent's head with a stone. Since then King Seesar supposedly exists in two forms: A small statue that houses his essence, and his body hidden inside of a large rock formation near the coast of Okinawa. Many agents where sent to recover the Shisa statue containing the essence of King Seesar, but all of them failed.

After a series of infiltrations, the Simeons learned the location of King Seesar's resting place and launched Mechagodzilla to destroy the golem while it slumbered. Once again this plan was thwarted when the Statue was placed atop the Azumi Castle. Red beams of light containing the essence of King Seesar fired fourth from the statue's ruby eyes. The beams of light struck a massive rock close to the shore, resulting in an explosion which awakened the mighty King Seesar. Mechagodzilla marched down the hill to the shore and immediatly engaged the golem in a brutal hand to hand fight. Mechagodzilla's Energy Beams where useless, as no matter where he struck King Seesar, the golem absorbed the beams and fired them back out from his own eyes. Mechagodzilla eventually used his missles to severely weaken King Seesar, forcing him to retreat behind a large rock. His cover was promptly destroyed by Mechagodzilla's Lightning Emitter and was once again shot. As Mechagodzilla continued to pummle King Seesar, Godzilla appeared in the midst of the battle.

Even with Godzilla's help, the two monsters where unable to overcome Mechagodzilla as the machine fired every weapon at it's disposal and engulfing them in a sea of fire. Once Mechagodzilla ran out of ammunition for his missle launcher, Godzilla launched his counterattacked. Bloody, beaten and bruised, Godzilla grabbed both of Mechagodzilla's arms as King Seesar repeatedly rammed into the machine, tearing away the abdominal plating that protected the reactor. As Mechagodzilla attempted to fly away, Godzilla pulled the machine back down and twisted off the robot's head. Mechagodzilla's reactor was damaged in the battle and as a result the machine self destructed, it's peices raining down all over the area. With the humans destroying the Simeon's base shortly after, the threat of Mechagodzilla and it's alien creators was rendered inert.

However another fleet of Simeons, designated as Second Wave, where approaching earth with a Mechagodzilla of their own in 1975. This particular one was still incomplete, being assembled on-the-fly. Much of the robot had been built already, however numerous areas still needed armor attatched such as the upper left leg, the entire left arm and the right half of the head. Enlisting the help of Dr Shinji Mafune and his Titanosaurus monster, the Second Wave Simeons prepared for a full scale invasion of earth. Unfortunatly, this Mechagodzilla's life would be shortlived as the mind control device controlling Titanosaurus malfunctioned, causing the creature to rampage throughout the ship. The incomplete Mechagodzilla was activated in order to stop Titanosaurus, however none of it's weapon systems where operational. The unfinished robot attacked Titanosaurus, but was quickly subdued by the aquatic dinosaur who took advantage of it's dozens of weak points. The unfinished Mechagodzilla collapsed into a heap of body parts as the Simeon vessle crashed into the ocean.

By now it was abundantly clear that their Mechagodzilla weapon was no longer an effective design as evidenced by the model's past failiures. One notable flaw was the machine's inability to keep up with fast moving opponents due to it's bulky design, primitive actuators, and extremely heavy armor which sacrificed a signifigant amount of mobility. In 1984, the most brilliant of the Simeon scientists began working on a new model of Mechagodzilla, this one aimed to be faster, stronger and sleeker than it's predecessors. With the most up to date technology, they where able to take everything that made the past models formidable and intergrated them into a new design that eliminated the problems of it's predecessors. The result was the ultimate anti-monster weapon: a new model of Mechagodzilla which could operate in any environment, fight any enemy, and adapt to any situation.

Though the new Mechagodzilla began construction in 1994 and was completed in 2001, the older Mechagodzillas could be found in abandoned Simeon facilities across the stars, though most are no longer in operating condition.
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