A few more faves Picture

I added a few more of my faves but due to picking larger pics I have fewer of them so since I dont' have anywhere near as many I will explain why I chose these pics and why I like them. Also I'll list who they are what they were in and such top to bottom this time instead of left to right I'll start with the leftmost row and move to the next row when I'm done.

Amelia: Treasure Planet: I mostly like her attuidude*sp* and style*sp?* she is pretty much a bad ass and her introduction is pretty awsome I also love her catty nature.
Eris: Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas: Well I picked her just because I thought she was a good villainess it might because I was reading about Eris in my mythology books at the time but I really enjoyed her and her motive was so simple I couldn't help but love it to me it just amounted to her being bored thats it. Works for me ^_^
Hades: Hercules: This is the first movie I remember seeing in theaters with my mom and my faveorite character was Hades, in fact he was what got me into greek mythology.
Maya: Thumbelina A Magical Story: I picked Maya because one it was the first story of Thumbelina I had ever seen and two Maya is a brat I know sounds weird but I love how well childish she is she's got a bratty charm to her.
Lilo and Nani: Lilo and Stich: I picked this cause I was like Lilo growing up expect I never got a cool pet alien and I list Nani because I really liked her and Lilo's relationship in the moive.
Alice: Alice in Wonderland: This is one of my faveorite verisions of Alice if not my faveorite of all, This is my fave Alice in my fave version of Alice in Wonderland, its made by Hallmark Entertainment check it out if you want.
Kazuma Kuwabara: Yu Yu Hakusho: This was a show I used to watch late at night when it was still on adult swim and at first Kazuma scared me but now I really like him he's a big goofy sweetheart x3
Cheetara: Thunder Cats: This really is just mainly for my love of the show when I was young I would watch it all the time and I remember liking Cheetara a lot though I think thats just because she was a girl and I usually clung onto the female characters when I was little
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