Mercury Picture

This was suppose to be a part of a series of twelve. There was to be the Sun, Moon, all the planets (including Pluto), and a Comet. I started freaking out though and didn't get all twelve done. I have three. I'll still finish them all though.

This is the planet Mercury as a humanoid figure. I looked up what I could of Mercury and decided that it seemed to have two halves. There's a youthful lighter side and a older dark side. The day is scorching hot and the night is freezing cold. I have also taken into consideration what different cultures speculated and associated with Mercury. Of course, there's "the winged messenger" from the Greek and Roman mythologies. Hm.... And Mercury is a very speedy planet, the fastest to revolve around the Sun.

........................... All of the planets are chained to the Sun. It kind of makes more sense when you see the drawing of the Sun I've done...

Also. None of these drawings have any genders appointed to their bodies. I wouldn't think that the cosmos would have genders.


Alright, this picture kind of sucks. And there isn't really anything I can do about it because I don't know what I'm doing, my scanner doesn't like me, it's too big for the scanner, and I don't know where the original drawing is. Why don't I know where the original drawing is? Because. Some people took it after seeing it at a contest at the school and I forgot to ask how I could get it back. Maybe when my sister goes to the school next year, she'll find out.....

Maybe I'll just redo a better version of this or something. Digital, because I can't deal with transferring physical things to digital.

Bigger when you download because this thing is huge.
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