Old Gods: Freyr Picture

Hey-o, it's Frey-o, the second image in my Old Gods Series which I have kind of decided to do, which is basically just a series of portraits of my favourite Norse Gods, bloop bloop. So yes, this is Freyr, general god of summer, fertility, harvest, crops, all those good squishy sort of things, one of the Big Three in the pantheon, along with Odin and Thor, though he's always forgotten. You can't save the world with sunshine, after all.

...also this is in noooo way historically accurate clothing, btw, I just kinda... went nuts. :I also if I wanted to be reeeeeally accurate, I should have given him the biggest fucking beard on the goddamn planet. Ah well.

also, *cries* D': I forgot I had made this smaller by accident when I was saving various work in progress shots, and now it's stuck on 700x1050.

*cries* it was so much larger before D':

Several days work in GIMP, it's probably 4-5 hours all up, I was only working on it for short bursts each day.
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