Moon Rabbit Picture

After all that Armonia stuff, I had to indulge myself with a little mythology. I for one, love rabbits, and I ended up reading about the tales of moon rabbits. Do you guys realize how many cultures talk about there being a rabbit on the moon? Weird that they'd all pick that animal, eh?
So, since there's no go-to design for moon rabbits, I just kinda made my own, she's kinda inspired by okami's rabbit god(of the moon ahahah) I've named her Suki.
She was just your typical moon bun, chilling with her family on the moon, hoping over moon rocks and nibbling stardust. But, she hopped to far one day, and ended up knocking into a space rock, which got her stuck out of the gravitation of the moon. She waited for a small asteroid to pass by and she clung to it, eventually that rock got sucked into earths atmosphere and she plummeted to our grassy little planet, far away from her home. How she survived that crash..? She's a magical bunny, that's how.

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