Lady of the Labyrinth Picture

I've got some new ideas about Persephone that (hopefully) will make a good story after A god apart from gods is finished.

Young people who realise they are different sometimes create their own dreamworlds and make up explanations to why they differ from others. When I was a teenager I used to think that maybe my soul originally came from an another planet. Persephone has a fantasy that she once was a goddess living in the Underworld, the one referred to as "Lady of the Labyrinth" in Minoan/Myceneaen clay tablets, and for some reason was reborn on Earth as a child to Zeus and Demeter (there actually are some theories suggesting that Persephone once was the independent ruler of the Underworld and that she later was made Hades' wife and a daughter of Zeus in the later Olympian pantheon of Classical Greece. I'm playing a bit with those theories).

Persephone loves plants, just like her mother, but she is unable to love humans the same way her mother does. They don't interest her. Well, most of the gods don't interest her either. So she plays with the thought that she really has an "Underworld mind" that makes her think and feel in a different way. Her "freaky" nature must however remain a secret, so she fakes normality as best as she can to be a good daughter.
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