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Full Reference Sheet

Full Name: Maxi'ijan
Name Meaning: "Greatest"
Species: Solaeternan // "Solaetern"
Age: 18 (372 Earth Years)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pan - Ace
Height/Weight: 5'6" / 170 lbs
Theme Song(s): "Chrysalis" by Protostar & Draper
Voice: Melissa Benoist (singing or speaking)
Home Planet: Valspa'ar (born, spent first few years of life) / Ziphni (raised onward until age "15")

*Can withstand high temperatures between 800 degrees F - 3000 degrees F, any higher and the heat and light intensity can result in physical weakness, illness, and reactions similar to sneezing/asthma/suffocation
*Heat energy manipulation (ie. direct as projectile, singe or melt metal objects to the touch if she wanted to, heating objects via directing body heat, but it can also be channeled for healing if need be)
*Levitation/Flight (to an extent, controlled by emotion-used by most solaeternans to avoid hot grounds with temperatures higher than can be withstand)

*Can get too obsessive and determined /stubborn
*Easily annoyed
*Over-protectiveness can sometimes get the best of her with people she grows attachments to
*literal minded at times
*indecisive (but not always)
*temperatures and light heat higher than 3000 degrees F
*uncalled for mentions of her enslaved brother and deceased best friend (grows agitated as there's trauma tied to them, partly blames herself for their circumstances) [also see minor PTSD symptoms, in her case insomnia, nightmares, visions, flashbacks]
*too much lack of solar radiation weakens her immune system (liable for illness and fatigue)
*Solar eclipses (aka "black sun")
*Her alternate/true form; solaeternans are born in said form, and can manifest as a defense mechanism or while in heat (no pun intended). For Max, it's both. Refuses to speak about it due to the traumatic experience tied to it while in slavery and struggles to accept it as part of her identity (being one of her triggers)
*Oceans/large bodies of "water" (she doesn't mind watching them from afar, but is afraid of swimming in them)
*Has a big sweet tooth

*Is a more technical/strategic fighter, but traumatic flashes sometimes hinder her combat training
*Able to work in a team unit quite well
*Manages to contain self control of her emotions (most of the time), other times, she has proven herself to be a little reckless or impulsive due to emotional response
*Empathetic and kindhearted
*Able to remain fair and just in times of debate/conflict
*Devoted and strong willed
*creative/innovative thinker
*Can maintain a leadership role if need be, depending how stable the other teammates and overall unit are
*Always tries to keep an open mind, even considering previous traumas and prejudices

Occupation: Linguist, Hobbyist; still in pursuit of discovering her true calling
Weapon(s): Energy staff (used for projecting energy long distance more efficiently)

*Rarely ever feels cold
*Her hiccups have a squeak to them
*^As do her sneezes
*Some would argue her literal mindedness makes her a smart alec, but really, she's just mostly book smart and doesn't know any better

1. Helping people
2. Learning various languages/cultures
3. Looking at other forms of jewelry and historical artifacts/collecting jewelry
4. Flying
5. Meeting new people
6. Learning new methods of combat
7. Learning how to cook
8. Sympholo'nia and other forms of music
9. Sunbathing
10. Sleeping
11. Reading up on produce, herbs and spices from various planets
12. Collecting various teas and oils from surrounding planets if any
13. Ice from Ziphni, for some reason she likes to munch on ice as her water supply
14. New/other forms of technology from other worlds
15. Meditating

1. Cleaning up a mess that she just literally cleaned up (imagined she'd tidy up a dining room but then 10-15 min later a food fight ensues and the room's a mess)
2. Waking up from nightmares
3. Recurring bad memories/flashbacks
4. Feeling useless-in which case, she tries to keep her strength up to avoid getting sick and strives to be the best at what she does, it doesn't help when she has had her traumatic flashes in training when serving under the rebellion, in which Mornix and a few others recommended she'd take it easy and stick to healing, and having an escort should she go on scouting missions, but to be honest I feel like her and Lance would have many heart to hearts/bonding moments over said feelings.
5. Being late
6. Feeling as if she failed someone
7. Exploitation of her family members and people she cares about; this is something that pisses her off bigtime, so it's just a quick way to make her angry
8. Having to resort to violence and/or killing

What is your character good at? What about it/them would challenge the character?
*When she was younger, she always liked to practice her flight, but due to an experience on Ziphni where she almost drowned, she was discouraged from it by her elder sisters (who raised her). While later serving under Valspa'ar resistance, she (hesitantly) is trained in flight again and she becomes quite proficient at it. However, while she now could easily fly over most landscapes and desert...she could never find it in herself to fully trust herself in flight over oceans at risk of drowning again, so learning to adjust to flight over oceans/bodies of water (or "water like" substances) and/or swimming would be a challenge for her.

"oceans" on Ziphni are different from oceans on Valspa'ar. Oceans on Ziphni are more water like

*Reading/interpreting text in various languages (mostly between Solaeternan [Valspa'ar] and Stellunean [Ziphni] text), but some languages of other planets are more complex than others. That is more a challenge that she would enjoy working through actually, it's like a fun puzzle to her. While others may lose patience with it, she has her ways of looking at it and challenges her way of thinking.

What is something they are interested in, even if they aren't exactly good at it?

*Drawing human figures: Pidge gives her a notebook to write in, and this is where she mostly keeps a journal of her thoughts and observations, but she's often found herself drawing things from her past, and even present observations of objects and people. She'd probably be better at drawing tools/technological objects/the lions than actual human(oid) species or other organic life forms.

*Sympholo'nia: A genre of alien classical music, but also a musical instrument (aka "celestial flute") from which it was founded upon, originating on Ziphni that projects images that correspond with the notes and energy of the player (follows large inspiration from the holophonor from Futurama, the "visi-sonor" from the book "Foundation and Empire", and the "sensory syrynx" from the book "Nova"; in the full reference sheet I just mention Futurama, but it turns out these two novels influenced the creation of the holophonor, which I just discovered for myself). Stelluneans are among the better players of Sympholo'nia as they also have great lung capacity.

~Max first gains interest in it from her previous observations on Ziphni, as well as Salia's experience in playing it. After having resigned from Valspa'ar resistance, Max takes the pod she took en route to Ziphni where she initially plans to find her sisters and Salia (her best friend's mother/also kinda their..."adoptive???" mother too) and tell them what happened, but can't exactly bring herself to just yet (1. guilt for what happened to her friend and younger brother, 2. slight anger and resentment toward her sisters for letting them be taken away in the first place [doesn't realize their POV just yet and is just stubborn about it upon remembering, 3. Worried they will blame her for not protecting them when she apparently protected herself or that they will outright reject her out of fear/harboring a fugitive even if family; they can't afford to be uprooted again]). Since Ziphni is mildly colonized by Galrans (not full on conquered yet), when she wanders around, she finds a ways to disguise herself, one being removing her armor, the other is finding Stellunean garb.

~Tried to play it a couple times during her travels, mainly on this stop at Ziphni, but since she would be a beginner, of course she wouldn't be very good at it, but she becomes mezmerized by the images projected by the players and feels it could help her express her emotions (this was way before meeting the paladins again and Pidge giving her the notebook) so she becomes determined to obtain one and learn to play as a hobby. Prior to meeting the paladins again, she finds that there are quite a few musicians in the universe who had mastered Sympholo'nia, which only increases her interest further. By the time she does meet up with them again, she still doesn't have one. She doesn't quite obtain one until a couple birthdays later spent with them (as gifted by Allura and Coran).


Max would be approximately 5"6 with dark brown skin with beige spots on her face, ears, ankles, arms, and hips. Her hair is shoulder length
and dark brown, her eyes are teal blue, and she has a marking on her right wrist (updated) of the same color, dark green imprint on her back that resembles abstract vine tattoos, and has a button nose. Her ears are wide with
the beige spots and are slightly pointed. Her hips are more on the wider side, and her body is about average but she is fit-not too
muscular or lean, but isn't that heavyset either. While her feet are mostly always covered, she is flat footed with six toes on each foot. She normally wears chain shoulder armor/jewelry over a black top and usually wears leg tights that resemble balle leggings, or airy white pants, and flats on her feet. From the front and maybe even the side, the back of her hair has more or less a flower petal shape in appearance and she usually has part of her loose bangs on either side of her face in an upside down...top-knot? (not quite sure what the style or accessory would be called)

Maxi'ijan is actually quite easy going with a friendly personality, but don't mistake that for weakness. At times, given certain
circumstances, she can be irritable, hardheaded, and not one to be pushed around. Most of the time, however, she is very much
softspoken, kind, patient, a good listener, and thirsty for knowledge.

Has your OC met Team Voltron? If so, who are they closest to and why?

Yes, once on Valspa'ar when she was still serving under the resistance. Keith was the first paladin she met, and he was quite difficult for
her to get to open up, even so much as to tell her his name; while she grew slightly irritated with his mistrusting nature (though admittedly
understandable), she was still patient with him and showed hospitality towards him. He would eventually state his purpose for having
landed on the planet as he was awaiting the arrival of the other paladins. It was through Keith, Max hears the name "Voltron" and learns that it
is still around and not of legend, as she was always told it was either of myth or it once existed but was now lost in history. For this particular
situation, they do begin to communicate and befriend the other. Upon meeting the others, Allura and Coran's presence as being the remaining Alteans, when Max knew of Altea's demise shocks her the most and she breaks the ice with them easily, as she'd have many questions. While Valspa'ar never had a monarchy (rather an oligarchy), the role Mornix had is closest to that of a Matriarch. When learning the paladins are mostly humans, she's dumbfounded as she's never seen a human before, only heard about them (mostly from her sisters and Mornix), though most things she's heard about Earth are quite ominous, but she still finds herself curious regardless. Overall, Max becomes closest to Keith and Pidge, Allura being a close third. While it takes some time to fully get to know Keith and Pidge, they do allow her to talk to them even if for a short time and they find themselves becoming used to her coming around to them; this would take place whenever she meets with the paladins and the castleship sometime after her visit to Ziphni.

If your OC had to become a paladin, which lion would they pilot?:

Most likely...probably Green? She very much has an inquisitive personality and can be daring when she needs to be and is openly in tune with nature. Because of this, I kinda feel like she would be more compatible with the Green Lion.

What makes your OC feel self-conscious?:

*when she catches her moments of literal thinking to jokes, human expressions/phrases, or Lance's flirting
*her ears; she rarely ever shows them because she thinks they're too comically wide in comparison to the ears of her sisters and others
of her species-even Solaetern halflings.
*being around strangers

Who do you ship your OC with and is the feeling mutual or known?:

(ft season 2 spoilers!)

while she constantly deals with her grief of her best friend whom she sorts out her feelings for, she does eventually find herself drawn to
Keith, despite their slightly rocky start, but they've always mostly get along and work well off the other and develop a close friendship. They actually have alot in common, as they:

*Both have/had a close bond with someone they view as a brother/sister (Keith: Shiro, Max: Theodeth)

*^Similarly, while people speculate that while Keith and Shiro consider eachother like brothers, it doesn't mean there's no room for potential romance later on, consider this the scenario for Max and Theodeth, while Keith and Shiro remain platonic. Max did consider Theodeth a sister, since Salia was more or less a mother figure for herself and her siblings, but over time she did find herself developing strange but deep feelings like a crush for Theodeth, only Max's feelings remained unrequited even when Theodeth was killed.

*Are curious about their heritage/families, may or may not have had an adoptive parental figure(s) when their real ones died or are missing

*Both have alien blood (Keith: half Galra/Galra ancestry, Max: pureblood Solaetern)

*If Keith ends up having a canonized galra form outside of appearing human w/ galra blood, and he has fears about it, then this would be similar to Max's disdain for her own true form. On the flipside, if there was a time Keith would feel concerned/conflicted about his form, and if Max were around, she would make an effort to console him by revealing her ears and part of her real form, considering her tendency to avoid it, knowing Keith wouldn't shame her for it nor laugh at her.

*Both have moments of impulse-Keith aquiring leadership skills and self control and Max for the most part can always control her emotions and is more likely to remain levelheaded if another fell off the handle

*Have curiosities about the mysteries of their biological mothers or just their parents in general (speculating Keith's mother is Galra and mysteries concerning his relationship with his absentee? father, Max's mother-while speculated to be dead, often comes up as someone whom Max is the splitting image of-both physically and personality wise and has a mysterious past since Max never learned much about her parents aside from what Rullana (older sister) would mention and what she herself remembers as a young child)

*Both have intense value for friendships, family, and forming bonds with people.

*Both have appreciation for nature, an example being the forests of the Olkari. Max would seriously indulge in Olkari forest landscapes as well as the technology, probably even moreso than Pidge (
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