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Doodled Piepoodle, my perfursona who needs a real name, and her buddies the other day in hopes of keeping motivated to draw. (the doodle of Twinkle on the left is old haha)

Piepoodle's "world" is very strange, especially compared to the human world she also lives in. Even though her a lot of her qualities"match", she still wonders if she is truly from that world. You can read more about my perfursona here (her info is poorly/lazily written, just warning you): toyhou.se/2042.is-her-name-pie…

This world is filled with creatures that represent different types of food. I suppose you can just say it's a food world, but it's a little more complex than that-- for one not everyone is really made of... food as we know it. (Unless you eat raw meat with skin and bones, then that's a different story I suppose) Some have blood that is much like human blood, others have blood that is ketchup or strawberry jam. However they will have the colors and sometimes even qualities of the food they represent. Either way, it will be just as painful to be cut whether you are more food-like or not in this world.
While most creatures that roam these grounds are anthro, there are still quite a few humanoid creatures that exist, some are even what we would count as mythological in our own world. However these few are not accepted whatsoever, often labeled as "abominations" or "pests" by most. These humanoids are just as wild as the anthros here, so they can survive despite being rejected by the general population.
Another division within this planet is food groups. The sweets are the richest and live in the most developed civilizations, while non-sweet grains are some of the poorest. Fruits and vegetables are somewhere in between, diary is the second richest, and meats labeled as barbarians. (both raw and cooked meats, though some rarer cooked meat creatures are accepted in rich populations)
As if that's not enough, eating food (as in non-creature, not alive) related or bonded to you is extremely looked down upon, and is counted as cannibalism. If you are not aware what food someone is bonded to, and you offer it to them as a meal, they may be extremely offended and disgusted. Some even get squeamish watching others eat "their own kind". In meat creature societies this differ a little, this practice is bit more accepted since they live a quite rough life compared to other food creatures' lives. (which is just one reason why they are labeled as barbarians)
How the people get food differs from how we get food. (I still have to think of how)

Anywho, here's some info about Piepoodle's friends!:


This harpy is great friends with my Perfursona, he's the only person in their world that knows of her more human form. He already has a difficult time himself being more "human" than other creatures in their world, so he does his best to keep Piepoodle's powers a secret so she doesn't have to go through the same as him.
There aren't many others like him, especially other harpies in this world that identify as male, though he does his best to continue to be himself.
Twinkle identifies with marshmallows; his feathers are soft, plush, and squishy, and his light colors remind others of them.


She is good friends with Piepoodle or whatever I named my Perfursona, though she doesn't know Piepoodle as well as Twinkle does. She's very sweet and gentle, but she'll be firm and honest when needed to be. She makes perfumes and sales them to others that love the smell of her products.
Alice is bonded with birthday cakes; her blood is multicolored frosting and she gets extra cheerful when it is one of her friend's birthday.

Dew is... what you could call friends with Piepoodle. At least Piepoodle thinks they're friends... maybe. It's hard to tell with Dew since he isn't very straightforward about things and often shows friendship and fondness in very different ways from other creatures in their world. This is due to the fact that Dew works and communicate with plants (who can communicate back in this world through motion and physical contact), so he's more accustom to the way plants communicate than.. non-plant creatures. When he talks, he speaks with a lot of hand motions.
Balls of honey form out of his matted furcoat, attaching insects that are fond of the honey. This leads to Dew scratch a lot, though this is beneficial to the plants he studies since the bugs can be transferred from on plant to many others, helping spread their pollen even faster than the bugs traveling on their own. For Dew on the other hand the itching is an annoyance, and the plants never tell him that he's helping them out more than he even knows. (they also giggle at him doing scratch "dances")
Dew is vaguely related to honey glazed donuts (with a hint of chocolate); his matted fur gives off sweet aromas which attracts creatures of all sorts.

Twinkle's design (c)PhloxeButt
Alice's design (c)YuriStorm
Characters and art (c)Pieology

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