'Earth' Picture

Before you leave a comment on this amazingly weird piece of work, here's a little something about me:
~my zodiac sign: Capricorn -the cardinal sign of all the earth signs, symbolized by the half-goat half-fish, or fish-tailed goat (or seagoat) used to be called Amaltheia in mythology, the one who took care of the baby Zeus. Zeus in return for her kindness soon raised her up to the heavens to the stars to be forever remembered by all.. *instead of just drawing the seagoat (which i know i will terribly suck at, since i've never drawn a goat my entire life), I just made a girl with goat horns (i kept drawing them bigger and bigger until i finally liked it, but then realized in the end that it didn't look that goat-ish. oh well. ~Capricorn's ruling planet: Saturn -planet of wisdom and ambition
*this one i made really tiny, and just put it on her forehead, since it symbolized wisdom and ambition..
~my chinese sign: Year of the Earth Snake (ah.... i got lazy again and didn't get to look up the meaning of this one.. * yup, see the green snake behind her? yeah it totally sucks. But i didn't want to add any detail to it because it might mess it up even more. So there. A plain green snake.
~planet that most influenced me: Neptune -planet of water, illusions and dreams ( uh... i just drew water as the background.
As you can see i just combined all the elements together. Hope you guys'll like this.
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