Aquaman Movie Poster 2 Picture

I was in the middle of doing another Justice League poster, when I decided that Aquaman really needs his own poster too. He is such a good character who is constantly misused and abused. His mythology is convoluted and he himself has gone through many changes. “Davy Jones anyone?” But in the right hands I think Aquaman would not only be a good movie, but one different from any of the superhero films so far. This is my second poster, this one featuring the villains, and I must say I like the way it turned out better than the heroes.

What I think about the characters
I think the movie should be focused on Aquaman first and foremost, with the other characters supporting. Arthur is a man weighed down by his responsibilities to the world, his kingdom, and his family. Mera is his wife, understanding of Arthur’s position. She has found her place as a mother and teacher, but her warrior past is ever present. Jackson is the oldest in the group, but was also the last to be found and brought to Atlantis, he has yet to really find his nitch. Garth, only two years younger than Jackson, but more experienced with his surroundings. He was the first to be found by Aquaman at the age of 10. Dolphin “Finn for short” is the most natural in the ocean,

Arthur Curry/Aquaman was born on land and raised by his father until his murder, when Arthur was about 16. Shortly there after he learned of his heritage and was plunged into the mystical and political world of Atlantis. Through both his actions and bloodline he became king of Atlantis. He married Mera and they have a young son, who is 6 years old. Atlantis is still unknown to the world, but Aquaman himself has become a symbol to the world as protector of the seas. He has taken on this mantle with the hopes of one day revealing Atlantis to the world. But he is but one man protecting what is 70 percent of the planet’s surface, he will not reveal Atlantis’s vast army to defend the ocean, so he does what he can by himself. Meanwhile he searches for other like himself; those who are born of ocean and land. He has found three so far, Garth, Jackson, and Finn. They learn under Mera’s guidance how to use their powers and one day take their place, helping Arthur to defend the oceans.

The Plot
Not to go into too much detail, but Aquaman will confront his father’s killer, come face to face with Manta, and deal with public scrutiny on land and sea. Mera will deal with the political turmoil back in Atlantis. The three kids will be caught in the middle of a pending civil war, between those who are for complete isolation and those that aren’t. I could easily spend 2,000 word explaining what exactly should happen, because it’s all up in my head, but I don’t have the space or time to put it down. So that's the cliff notes version.

Daniel Craig as Aquaman/Arthur Curry
Amy Adams as Mera
Brandon T Jackson as Jackson
Logan Lerman as Garth
Annasophia Robb as Dolphin/Finn
Michael J White as Manta
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