Legends Revealed - Udjataz Picture

Legends revealed! This goes in tandem with my region map too, so be sure to look at that.

Udjataz (Ood-jah-tahz) Displacement Pokemon
Type: Ground/Ghost
Ability: Black Hole (sucking moves have no effect on this pokemon, sucking moves from this pokemon have double the power)
Udjataz in myth is the ruler of the desert for a long time. It is said to have created the mysterious shapes in the desert sand.

Okay, revealing the legendaires early but they are important to my plot. Udjataz is the "Version Mascot" of Pokemon: Ancient Sands, the more unique playing version of my region. Here are some tidbits of Udjataz's creation:
There was a consequence to casting the Omega Material. It opened up a black hole in the world where that power once was. Arceus did not know this would happen, and while the black hole was open, a mysterious force came out and into the Pokemon world. For a long time, it remained dormant in the bodies of some Pokemon. It wasn’t until humans came to the planet that it gave itself a new form and a name: Udjataz.

More of this story will be posted later.

About the design: It has an mummy look because it is from the desert. The black thing is supposed to be a black hole, and the jewel-like thing is the absence of the material (IT's known as Omega material, the same thing that created Dialga and Palkia's jewels.) The name is from Udjat, who is something in Egyptian mythology but I forgot.
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