She wants to be... Picture

...a fallen angel without the fallen stars.

You know, I haven't drawn a glorified angel since the age of five. Go through my gallery, they're always getting knocked down...does this reflect my personality? I like drawing angels. Just because I don't follow the religion they adorn the mythology* of, people don't seem to think I do. But I like feathery wings. They're fun to draw.

From the Otep song "Filthee"
She wants to be a messiah without the crucifixion.
She wants to fuck Delilah without Samson's intervention.
She wants to be a deity and rule us everyday,
And punish the whores of your wish-gods
And the martyrs that they slay.
She wants to see galaxies, all the planets and the stars. She wants to be a fallen angel without the swollen scars.

*Have you noticed that Christianity is pretty much the only religion that doesn't refer to their folklore as mythology? Just a point.
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