New Chinese Zodiac Fan Troll: Thalas Ananta Picture

Name: Thalas (Corruption of Thalassa, Greek word for "ocean") Ananta (Name of the serpent that Vishnu rested on in Hindu mythology)
Age: 8 solar sweeps (17 earth years)
Gender: Female
Sign: Snake ; Chinese Zodiac
Lusus: Seaserpentmom (A large serpentine creature with many eyes and fins)
Title: Sylph of Dusk
Blood color: Pale Pink Orchid
Blood class: Highblood
Planet: Land of Islands and Red Berries
Personality: Very nice, goofy, fun, slightly hyper, somewhat brave, helpful, low-tempered
Strife specibi: Metalforkkind
Matesprit: Hunder Laetus (Possibly)
Moirail: Fesper Songen ; (Possibly)
Austipice: N/A
Kismesis: N/A
Dream: Prospit
Ancestor: ???
Thalas copyrighted to me.
Homestuck copyrighted to Andrew Hussie.
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