Light as a Civilian Picture

It felt like the monsters were coming at us one after the other. It was nice to finally have a break. The girls and I decided to go to one of my old hide outs from my princess days.

“I don’t know, Bella. Wasn’t that a forbidden planet?” Rose asked.

“It was,” I said. “But since there’s no one there and Mama Serenity can’t punish us for going, we’re free to go.”

The so-called forbidden planet wasn’t forbidden for any real reason. There were no political borders, it wasn’t a mating planet, there was no mythology of it. There was nothing on that planet except flowers and a beautiful sky. I was the only one who knew.

“I don’t see anything bad happening. Unless we accidentally run into ourselves whiles we’re there,” Alice giggled.

I found out that Alice was the Senshi of Pluto, but she chose to be called Sailor Time since Sailor Pluto is still alive. Rosalie, aka Rose, was a little different. He was given dark power and tried to kill before I healed her and discovered that she was the Senshi of Mars, Sailor Fire.

“Fine,” Rose said in a defeated tone.

“Knowing you, Alice, you’ll want to take pictures.”
It was wonderful on the planet. I had forgotten its name, but I could never forget its flowers or its sky. The grass was tall and never scratched your legs. The sky was always pink and blue, it was never one or the other, and it was always just a little cloudy.

“It feels like the perfect spring day,” Rosalie said with joy.

“It’s almost dusk. The light is perfect for a picture now~!” Alice squealed.

“Alright fine, but let’s do it quickly.”

So I finally was able to write to story. Also, I don't think I'm good at shading so it's likely to be crap during the contest.

One last thing! Thank you SenshiOfMyth for letting me use your background. Original --> Rough Landscape Practice 01
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