Lux Timor Picture

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this is a creature that i first designed way back in 2012 probably (and the first designs were hilarious, i really should do a 'draw this again' meme, they were so bad)

of course, this is a creature that exists in my headworld, and i always really like to get into the nitty-gritty details about every single creature that i design. i have written a ton on this creature, but i think i will just write down a few things here.

-it lives in the water mostly, so its entire anatomy is based around swimming and eating fish.
-it uses its huge, thick tail to propel itself in the water, and its two thick front legs to push itself forward as well. it doesn't use its back legs much, which is why they are thinner.
-it cannot chew, and its long mouth is full of tiny razor-ship backwards-facing teeth. it grabs its prey in its mouth and either swallows it whole or rips chunks off.
-it uses the long appendage on its chin to impale prey and enemies, using the momentum of its thick, strong neck to deliver devastating blows.
-its jaw has similar workings to that of a snake, allowing it to unhinge. the scaly skin at the very back of its jaw and at the start of the neck is soft and stretchy, allowing the Timor to swallow larger masses. This soft spot on its neck is also its main weak spot.
-the six appendages at the back of its head are not ears, they are just soft and flexible appendages that are reinforced with cartilage. these six appendages can rotate independently, and can be brought fully vertical and forward. they are an indicator of the Timor's mood. they are filled with blood vessels and electroreceptors.
-its white skin is like sharkskin, rough and sandpapery. The black areas of its body are reinforced plated scales.

-the Lux Timor doesn't have any natural enemies. it's among the largest creatures on the planet. it is both feared and respected, and has long since existed in mythology as a trickster, a sly, cunning, and extremely wise beast. in mythology the Timor is able to speak, and indeed the scales surrounding its jaw do seem to flex in the same way as a human's lips. No one has been able to get close enough to see clearly, though. And no one knows the extent of its intelligence.

the creature design and art are both mine, dont use please
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