Be that one troll Picture

You are now that one troll.

Your name is Vorina Lansai.

You are a land dwelling troll with indigo blood, and your past time is drawing and reading. You love to interact with other Alternian trolls. You also have a thing for mythology. Of course you know there just stories, but what if, right? Your quite strong and even a bit intelligent, but are easily angered and have a short temper. You get into crazy arguments easily, and it often ends in a violent, physical fight. You don't take criticism kindly.

You lusus, Todd, is extremely lazy and bosses you around, asking you to do eveything for him. You live in the forest by a lake, and you love water. You love to spend time by your lake, or go to the beach. Swimming is a great past time you love to do when you're able to. Todd doesn't like it when you swim, and hates it even more when you visit the beach. He doesn't want you to go for some reason like he almost drowned at the beach or something.

Your trolltag is basfullyDeranged, and you typ{ in $uch a un!qu{ way.

What will you do?

My homestuck fan troll!! @ ω @
Title: Sage of Insanity
Age: 6 solar sweeps (13 earth years)
Screen name: bashfullyDeranged
Typing Style: replaces i with !, replaces e with {, replaces s with $. Example: W{ll, do !t th{n, $uck{r.
Strife specibi: scissorkind
Fetch Modus: Apps
Planet: Land of Paint and Frost

//edit// I noticed that her hair wasn't in the right direction, so I just flipped the picture. I've also changed her name to Vorina, because Violet was just to normal. //edit//

I didn't do this all on my own. It was a base. But it was fun to make. o3o
Base (c)
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