Augur Crest Sheet Picture

I've been putting off this but I powered through tonight >:,^0 !!
This should be the last of the general info, after that is the mutation sheet but I'm hoping to draw more augurs before i get to that...

General Info
-Can be located on any part of the body with the exception of their feet/talons and all wings
-The motifs start out as a singular dot when born that looks similar to a mole, it grows along with the augur and the full image is visible once they have reached adulthood
-An Augur will always have a strong affinity with the theme of their crest, and almost all follow their natural callings to live their life surrounding themselves with it. For example, an Augur with a motif of the sea will find themselves calmest when by the sea, an Augur with floral motifs will find their homes constantly bursting with flora.

Crest Shape/Size

Closed Shape
-The most common type of crest, average size is usually palm to hand sized. The crest is usually easily defined by a shape (circle, triangle, square, etc)
Open Shape
-Any design that trails/wraps around the body, usually larger and can cover up to an a limb (sparsely) They can be made of several smaller shapes and are usually more detailed.
Ornate/Large Scale
-Any crest that densely covers an area of the body is in this category, some have borderline illustrations instead of abstract design. The smaller ones cover half an arm, the larger ones can cover an entire back and even the entire body. These augurs are generally considered blessed.

Crest Motifs

-Includes trees, fruits, flowers, etc. Anything found in nature.
-Includes mammals, birds, sea life, etc. All living creatures are in this category! (With exceptions)
Swords, Art, Clothing, Minerals, etc. Non living things that are found either in nature or man made! (With exceptions)
-Stars, Planets, Milky ways, etc. Anything pertaining to space!
-Entails both living creatures and objects from stories and myths (Unicorns, Phoenixes, Pandora's Box, etc)
-Cellphones, computers, sci fi designs. Any sort of object that could found in modern day life.

If anything is unclear, feel free to ask!
Augurs are a closed species by me, please don't make your own!

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