XHolicz- The Anti-Matter Picture

This is, the Anti-Matter... >:3

Name: Anti-Matter
Age: Currently Undefined
Symbol: None (Most of my characters don't, since symbols are removable and they have no reason to wear one)

The Anti-Matter was designed and made specifically for XHolicz, in other words, I didn't make him beforehand and just added a cool uniform. He's, unfortunately, not as tough as my other characters, since it wouldn't even out to be fair to other members D:

Info and stuff (inspired by Greek mythology):
"Long before our world was shifted into balance, it was ruled by the Titans, who clashed and destroyed the world which they created before themselves. One day, The-Dealer (ooh you get it don't you? My tarot Keronians are based off cards remember?) resurrected the gods of Keron (the Tarots) as mortals, so they could physically walk upon the planet keron. The Tarots, lead by THE EMPEROR, overthrew and defeated the Titans, forever imprisoning them beneath Keron."

The Anti-Matter is a decedent of The-Dealer. He lacks physical strength himself, but his roll is currently "Summoner." Although he can't match up to the dealer (who is actually currently active, yikes) he can still summon lesser-titans (keronjin spirits that are based off minor arcana rather then major arcana. Ex: King of Cups. For the record, the original Titans are based off the elements and are currently inactive. Ex: Wind Titan) and other keronjin spirits.

His weapon might look like one of the key blades from kingdom hearts, but don't be fooled D: This can be used as sort of a weapon/sword, but it's purpose is mainly for linking our two worlds in order to resurrect spirits.

This guy's got some tough balls, his enemies have short futures, and those who fall before him will meet a horrible fate D: In order to keep a clean power supply, he keeps his victims souls in crystal jars :3

Thats it for now... hope this guy is worthy for the group or whatever. Oh, thought I might add that anything Tarot related was thought up of BEFORE I joined XHolicz, just thought I'd collide stories.

Keroro gunso © Yoshizaki

The Anti-Matter ©
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