Arion Picture

Wow, I'm tired. I think this is the longest I've ever spent on a manip, and I think it shows. I'm sure there are still minor problems, but I'm content at the moment to let it go. I would love constructive critiques!

The story: This is an image of Arion. In Greek mythology, the god Posidon became interested in the goddess Demeter. To flee from his advances, she turned into a mare. Since Posidon is the god of horses (and of the ocean) he turned into a stallion and chased her down. From that union came two children, one being a human nymph daughter, and the other a black-maned horse son, Arion.

Anywho, this is my submission for =WrenStormbringer's contest. Crossing my fingers!

Aaaand of course, the credits:

Background from ~Ninde [x]
Sky from ~AboveVintage [x]
Waves from =cookiekitty-stock [x]
Waves from =Della-Stock [x]
Planet from =Moonchilde-Stock [x]
Girl from =Tw1stedTruth-stock [x]
Gray horse from ~Various-Stock [x]
Chestnut horse from ~littlenake [x]
Black horse from ~Nyaorestock [x]
Texture from =resurgere [x]
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