Equilibrium - Fenris Profile Picture

Equilibrium: The Guardian
- Planet Profile -

Planet - Fenris

Diameter - 25,390 Km

Population - 2.9 Billion

Land/Water Ratio - 43% Land/57% Water

Geological Mapping - Mountainous, Very Beautiful Landscape

Local Species - Fenkara


The name "Fenris" is the title of the Norse WOLF god of mythology.
The Planet Fenris consists of a race called the FENKARA; The Fenkara are noticed by their
Wolf features such as; Wolf Ears, And Tail.
They are Naturally good at agility and have a high pain tolerance, Add that to there
Incredible Strength and you see just how powerful the Fenkara are.

Even Though their race is strong and fast, Fenris has one of the smallest Military Forces
in the galaxy; This is due to the fact they haven't been to war for over 250 years. The peaceful planet may not have an powerful army, but is known for its Special Forces Unit:



All 1,546 Police Stations On Fenris have a local A.D.F Squad, Thanks to the A.D.F Fenris is known for having one of the smallest crime rate in the galaxy.
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