Pokemon In Space - Felispark Family Picture

The Fire Demon Pokemon
C-Type Entry: Felispark are associated with imps because of their mischievous, yet wildly aggressive and occasionally malicious behavior. They don't understand empathy, so they are known to torment other people to amuse themselves.

S-Type Entry: Felispark come from an incredibly hostile planet, of fire, brimstone, and civilizations divided into nine territories known as Circles. They can survive in just about any place with Oxygen, where their bodies can catch fire and thrive.

M-Type Entry: Felispark have long displayed characteristics the most negative and terrifying aspects of human religion and mythology. In some occasions where they attack humans, they deliberately invoke these images to strike terror into their hearts on a metaphysical level.

The Fire Demon Pokemon

C-Type Entry: Felistorm now have a full understanding of life around it, how people and Pokemon alike think and feel, how they live and die. Depending on who raised it, they can be redeemed fighters for peace, or merciless and sadistic bringers of torment.

S-Type Entry: Felistorm use a spiritual fire to connect their separated body segments. They also use this fire to possess inanimate objects, to make them a part of its body as well.

M-Type Entry: Felistorm are wise enough to realize they aren't universally specialized and skilled to run a civilization. This is why they have taken to kidnapping and enslaving weaker civilizations to survive. Something they KNOW they don't have to do, but think is more efficient.

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