Jaune Arc - Aries Picture

My leads, if you can call them that, are a bit vague for this one. Aries, the Ram was mythologically valued for its wool, the "golden fleece." In a lot of series that feature sheep and emphasize their wool, the latter is often a line of defense. In Jaune's case that "wool" would be his shield, armor, and protective Semblance (I'm still wagering it to be AT LEAST that). It's also not uncommon for a lot of Aries characters I've seen to be able to heal--it's probably a mere coincidence but with sheep, there's this connotation with sleep as well as that aforementioned line of defense, all of which fall in the "Health" department. Moreover, as a GOLDEN fleece, not only is Jaune's color code yellow, but his current upgrades are made with the golden metal (if not actual gold) from Pyrrha. Lastly, it's implied that Jaune was raised on a farm. If so, well, I'm adding that to the whole sheep or ram thing.

And with all that, I looked up any Aries traits I could find, and honestly, the ones listed in the picture are only a few of the Aries traits Jaune possesses.

But if there's anything that does make me waver on this, it's that his inspiration Joan of Arc is a Capricorn born on January 6, 1412. But then again, how often do reincarnations actually inherit the same birthday? There's nothing in particular that I could use to compare to a seagoat even metaphorically nor the sign's ruling planets, stones, etc.
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