CHAOPE LUPUS mythologyAU Chompy Picture

Phew! Been a while since I last uploaded anything fully done! I HAVE done completeted art but I've been too lazy to post it, especially since all of my watercolor pictures are way too big to scan~ TuT

But here is the "mythology AU" version of my dear Chompy! (…)

The name itself for both the AU and her isn't final; they're just something temporary that I could first think of
(Since Chompy's a shapeshifter, she really COULD look almost exactly like this goddess AU version, except for her collar and chain, which she can't alter the appearance of)

The quality is kind of.. bad in this for some reason... There's a lot of glitter there too, but it's not showing up in scans!


♦ Chaope of the "Mythology Universe" is the most dangerous, insane and powerful alternate Chompy there is.
♦ She doesn't have the ability to control digital data like the "main" Chompy, but it doesn't matter in this AU, where there isn't any modern technology to speak of on Earth
►She instead has the ability to bend and control space and dimention itself, meaning she can, for example, create portals from planet to planet or even from dimension to dimension (With this I mean from a kind of heaven or hell to earth for example, or from her own personal pocket dimension to earth)
♦ She actually has almost the same exact personality traits, and questionable morales as Chompy, EXCEPT amped up to their ridiculous extreme.
►For example:
►Chompy is herself prone to being megalomaniac and abuses both her power and sometimes any living beings as soon as she
has control over said living beings
►Chaope is an evil, abusive tyrant in her own dimention and often acts as if she rules all other places and people as well, since
she has the POTENTIAL to rule them, anyway
►Chompy is 'somewhat' psychologically unstable
►Chaope is fully... "out of tune" and seems completely unaware of the fact that others don't think in any way like she does
♦ The way she talks is somewhat similar to Sheogorath from the Elder Scroll series (I know very little and haven't played the games but please spare me, fellow gamers. I simply love Sheagorath for all I know about him)
►Though she sounds much more "condecending" and "sassy".
Examples here:…
(She definitely would actually skip rope with someone's entrails)
♦ Her name is simply a mix of "Chaos" and the pronunciation of "Chompy"
►Start to prononce "chaos" but replace the "s" with "py" from "Chompy" ...damn those gods and their weird god names
♦ The reason for her many chains:…
♦ Sometimes she flirts just for the heck of it and sometimes to get people as well as other gods and goddesses to do what she wants them to
♦ Being at times a flirty, attention-loving and deviously sexual goddess, she actually has her own "harem" of captured men and women
► Or so it is told! It's a popular tale in this particular Universe's Earth's [continent here] that anyone who is unfaithful to their wedded partner (and perhaps family) will be captured and taken away by Chaope, never to live on earth again!
►In reality it's not known what she does with the people she kidnaps to her own dimension, just that she seems to be attracted to teens and young adults in particular
♦ She is known to attack, cheat and generally harm both the whole population of Earth AND fellow powerful gods, often without anyone knowing exactly why.
►She is at best an annoying troll with the range of nearly the entire Universe, at worst someone who scrambles entire planets or dimensions into complete ruin, either just for the fun of it, to serve disproportionate revenge or as a selfish way to calm herself down. Yes, by destroying potentionally entire plains of being
♦ The ones who she IS loyal and friendly to, she is known to protect with full force, as she has a giant need to be part of her own family-like community. The beings she genuinely and deeply cares about (dare I say LOVES) will still often taste her "trolling", but in general she will be much more helpful and friendly towards her "family"

Chompy, Chaope Lupus and art (c) ME, TheRainbowDragon

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