Mascot for Ermitis Oase REALEASED! Picture

Wooo this is Ermitis Oase's Mascot! His name is Zefyre, coming from ther world Zephyr meaning, an often calming and refreshing wind. He is a Harpy Eagle and "The God of Clear Skies" in Ermitian Mythology and carries the Skarr (Sky in Ermitian) Charm. The Skarr charm is said to keep balance to the weather and atmosphere of the planet Ermitis. Without it life on Ermitis would be filled with chaotic storms and uneven ranges of temperature. The charm's Jewel holds the power to control the weather and so Zefyre is able to regulate the weather on the planet. He is the Keeper and Guardian of this Charm and has been for thousands of years. Without it he would die and he is also Immortal from wearing it on him as a necklace.

Hope you guys love our mascot. I spent many days creating him!
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