Jan. 2016 CDC, Day 9: Ghol of the Galactic Guard Picture

[Just recently realized this was late! Bummer I'm out!]

Ghol, an alien soldier from to the Galactic Guard, has been secretly expelled from his regiment for his overzealous fervor. Assigned to a fabricated mission and with an exceptionally low amount of equipment, Ghol is seeking fugitives on a deserted planet where he will wander for as long as he possibly can (or until his resources run out and he is stranded to die).

He was declared insane after he was found praying to the mythological god of Discipline and drawing pious symbols on his uniform and equipment. Such ancient practices are deemed dangerous to the Galactic Guard due to the effects they have been observed to cause. Reports tell of individuals who have behaved unstably fierce and counter to the interests of the Guard after praying and meditating on mythological teachings.

Ghol's "mission" may in fact become the ideal environment for deep musing and becoming an extraterrestrial prophet.
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