Sorceress MAGUS-1 Picture


Mira Eve Milner is one of the most powerful sorceresses on the planet, but doesn’t know why. She grew up in the suburbs to a fairly normal family but as she hit her teens, she began having inexplicable visions and memories and began developing the ability to communicate with spirits. She suddenly had knowledgeable about many mystical artifacts without ever remembering studying about them. Unable to make sense of the new developments, Mira concluded that more of her memories have been somehow suppressed.

She acquires a spirit guide and attempts to journey to the mythological river Lethe from which dead souls drank in order to remove memories of previous lives before being reincarnated. Mira was advised that a living person drinking from the river would benefit from an opposite effect and restore any lost memories. Mira realized she was being tricked at the last moment and that drinking from the flowing river would have removed all former memories permanently.

Mira concludes that reversing the flow of the river and then drinking from it will restore any lost memories. The gamble pays off and her lost memories are restored when she is suddenly attacked by an evil guild of seven mighty sorcerors and sorceresses plotting to subjugate the world. Shaken and unsteady from the restoration of her memories, Mira barely escapes with her life.

Can Mira hope to prevail against seven of the most powerful magic-wielders in the world?
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