Panthorious Picture

Planet practice and also I wanted to create a planet. =w=


Description: Panthorious is a large planet about the same size as our solar system's Saturn. It has three moons and eight continents. About 40% is land while 60% is ocean and is the third planet from its solar system's sun. The creatures that inhabit the planet are nothing like our own yet at the same time are.

They are all mythological creatures that on our planet are merely legend and new species we have not encountered. Most species that are sentient are born anthro or can change to anthro. Those who are born anthro can turn full form at will as those who can change to anthro can.

Currently there are seven kingdoms on the planet and more detail such as which continent is which will be given in the next picture.



- Penelios (purple)
- Gornia (green)
- Luminara (white)


- Countouris
- Darfinica
- Baadengad
- Esioa
- Allash
- Omenda
- Foondallia
- Seredos


Panthorious and its soon to be revealed inhabitants (c)
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