Species Idea - Space Sharks [Temp name] Picture

It's just an idea right now; no idea if I'll actually make it or not? We'll see how people like it? Maybe I'll make a prototype adopt if this picks up some interest

'Space Sharks' (temp. name) are a species of technologically advanced, amphibious humanoids who traverse the universe in their ships. They are KNOWN for being raiders and conquerers, and some alien bedtime stories say that the 'Space Sharks' will come after you if you don't behave. But this is far from the truth; although they have a very brief history with warmongering, Space Sharks are surprisingly pleasant beings who simply enjoy exploring the galaxies in search for alien life and new planets to colonize - preferably habitable and not currently occupied, though they have been known to make settlement deals where they found their own mini-colony and co-inhabit a planet.

They have a homeworld, though the star it orbits is going supernova, meaning that if there is a planet left there, it's no longer habitable; hence why the species took to the stars in the first place.

Space Sharks DO NOT HAVE to have a shark tail; some have jellyfish tails or small fish tails. All tails are that of an aquatic creature. Some have even been mythologically known to have octopi tendrils in place of a tail! They have to stay hydrated too, so most of their ships are filled with water, and have water-tight doors and drainage systems incase they need to leave.

They have a poor sense of sight, so they have evolved features to compensate; namely their four eyes and antenna.

Fashion is varied between the Space Sharks but, most commonly, they wear sci-fi-esque clothes of bright colors.


Space Sharks are a closed species created by Pastel-Priincess
You may not create your own without payment or permission.

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