Sphyx Verson1 Picture

This is a Yüzevian, from Omer’s planet Yüzev. There are still no creative names for these races yet, so this one I am just going to refer to as a Sphinx. This race has the highest intellect of the others that live on Yüzev, and use this intelligent to make weapons and suits to help them service. The Sphinx, however, can be extremely self absorbed and are quite vain. So they tend to wear lots of things that sparkle and shine. There are three different types of Sphinx and they can be distinguished from one another by the type of face they have. There are the Jeweled Faces, which have four eyes (like the one in the image is a jeweled face) this type is also referred to as ‘the Seers’. The next type is Short face, which resemble the types of Sphinxes from Earth Mythology. Finally, the Long Faces which appear almost fox-like in their shape and can be mistaken for Kitsune. ( [link] )
That is all I have on the Sphinx so far, I hope you enjoy this illustration of one of the races that will be appearing in the universe of ITs’ Life Comic! Thank you!

Please ask before making your own Thank you.

ITs' Life, Yüzevians (c) Kaladis
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