P is for Sailor Pluto Picture

So a while back Drachea Rannak was having a dwarf planet design contest including redesigning Pluto. So my idea for her was that Setsuna retained her Senshi status, was still an advisor in Serenity's court and still fights with the sol senshi. However, the dwarf planet senshi are newer and needed a leader so a secondary Pluto, Umeko, was assigned, a second in command to Pluto if you will. Someone who could take care of the evil farther out in the system so that Setsuna could stay on Earth or take care of her own kingdom. I'm toying with calling her either Sailor Dwarf Pluto (though none of the other DP girls have it in their name, or Sailor Plutette/Pluta or just keep Pluto and let it be a running gag that people are expecting Setsuna and get Umeko.

She has a very plain outfit to represent that she comes from the sol service, but it's adorned with diamonds to represent the greek mythology aspect. Pluto, the god, was not only lord of the underworld, but also of riches. Her attack is "Pluto Diamond Strike" that she uses her spear for. She is very stoic and quiet, mostly to do her best to carry herself with dignity so as not to bring shame to the Pluto name

One of my few asian characters and it was hard to figure out her skin tone.
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