Rozenrian Group Picture

I got so mad coloring this picture because I saved it wrong and I had to color over the lines ><;;; Hence why I only colored the most important parts (at least to me) - the hair, eyes, and one body.

This was an idea I had with Jess when talking about this race. Evander, the taller one, is one of the most wanted bandits on the planet. So he has a group of kids called the Lost Boys (Plus 2 females) , very creative xD, and they do his bidding and stealing for him. Also the boys have nicknames, they weren't really born with those names since the planet has more sophisticated mythological-y names xD Evander is the only one who doesn't have a nick name.

Most of the boys have fair/pale skin. Evander is the only one I made with dark tanned skin because he doesn't wear his cape over his body but tied around his waist xD I have his face actually drawn out and colored in a different ref sheet but I haven't uploaded that one.
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