' .. if I could turn back time .. ' Picture

Amaltheia sat quietly as per usual after a long day covering a shift at the hospital, it hasn't been 'plain' sailing for her and every now and then she'd reflect on what happened to her .. with a sigh she took a sip of apple juice from the glass.

" .. you know I was not born here, in fact Earth wasn't even a spec of dust yet ... by about ... hmmm ... 275 thousand years !. It's funny because when I did arrive here ... you saw Star Wars as a revelation in the film industry, what you didn't know ... that's when I existed. I was born to a Clan on the planet of Dathomir, quite honed in melee combat and a few other things .. which you don't need to know now. But it's funny how some see honour and others view it as a mark of treachery .. but that is now long in the past and there is nothing I can do or want to do to change it anymore. I always wondered if 'The Force Awakens' would have been the same if I had lived in that timeline .. certainly there was signs of the First Order .. but whether things would have transpired like they did in the film .. well that's like mythology to me ... maybe it did .. or did not .. just in my time .. the signs was there. "

She reached for the glass again and took another sip ...

" ... do you know, I'll probably live long after everyone has slipped from the memory .. it's my secondary penance for my 'supposed' crime. Convincing the right people that I have a rare skin pigmentation condition was easy and no-one questions a person with the style of markings I have ... tattoo's are quite the 'in' thing at the moment and no one seems that phased of my height .. thank you Gwendoline Christie for being tall !. My 'other' abilities .. well they have their uses and it's quite easy to keep them a secret ... and it does make me chuckle a bit when some older people regard me as some kind of 'witch' ... how close to the truth are they ! .. "

With that she sat back ... sighed again before returning to her studies of the human race ...

*Part One : ... to be continued ... *

*Workflow* : Daz 4.8 Pro, rendered using iRay with no postwork.

Claire xx
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