Metao Picture

The main thing that my story revolves around and is titled after, Metáo himself! (pronounced meh-tay-oh)

So Felix and the rest of my characters all live on the back of a giant sea turtle that calmly flies through outer space. Every being on Metáo is immortal, and because their world doesn't need to orbit a star, these characters basically live forever.

When the god and creator of Metáo first got the idea to create a world on top of a living creature's back, he sat on the beach of an Earth-like planet and waiting for baby sea turtles to hatch from their eggs. When they did, Ter-Ra made sure to pick the one that best avoided being eaten by seagulls. To his amazement, one baby sea turtle sat on a pile of dead seagulls that it took down on it's own! Ter-Ra's shadow looms over the proud baby sea turtle, and says, "You are the one." and since then that sea turtle has grown up into what it is now.

The reason Metáo was able to grow so big and live for so long is because it needs to be spiritually connected to a planet that can provide life, that planet being Earth. As long as the planet it's connected to is doing well, so too will Metáo.

Metáo's name is a combination of metazoa, a name for the animal kingdom, and Ao, a world turtle from Chinese mythology.
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