PROJECT 2016: Godzilla Never Ending Struggle Picture

The year 1954, the entire world shocked within its core as the giant monster, Godzilla, has awakened from its deep slumber by the Bikini Atoll Atomic Bomb test and attacked Tokyo, leaving the entire city in ruins. A lone scientist, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, has come up with a solution to subdue the monster: The Oxygen Destroyer. The plan was a success yet the life of the doctor has been taken as well, sealing the fate of his invention forever. 61 years have passed, a new Godzilla has emerged, setting his unparalleled terror and destruction to humanity once again. As giant monsters rise out of the different corners of the world, a superior alien conqueror from the deep corners of space has arrived on Earth with the mission of conquering the planet and exterminate the human race with the aid of her alien monsters. Little did everyone knew that a far more superior destructive force that has ascended itself of becoming a God from the planet's ancient mythological past is about to be known. Can The King of the Monsters has the strength needed to save the entire planet and the human race?

My first among all of the four major titles for Project 2016. The title went on different changes, the title and the list of monsters, specifically. The first concept title for it was "Godzilla Final Monster Wars" which was discontinued. And after that, it went to a new title, Godzilla X Gamera: All-out Monster War, which focuses on the monster wars and the conclusive battle between Godzilla and Gamera, but this concept was cancelled in favor for a more bigger and wider concept and this title was the result. What changes am I pertaining to? Well, here's some, the lead monster casts will going to be Godzilla and Gamera, joined by The Prince of Monsters, Gomora, so the outcome will be the lead monsters will become three. Second, the monster casts will be given a much wider depth, crossing the line between different universes (whether it be on comics, the lost projects and animated series, but such thing is limited.) and also, will feature different guest monsters. And the last will be the main villain. As the plot goes, a superior alien conqueror will arrive on the planet with her monster army. Like what the description said, the alien conqueror is a female, so her name will be revealed soon. And also, for the 'superior destructive force that ascended himself of becoming a God', that will remain as secret, for now.

NOTE: This will be the official title logo for the project.
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