Zola the Gorgon (from The Order of the Red Star) Picture

I have a space-opera story in the work, and this is one of the main characters. She (or is it?) is from the Gorgon race, their homeland is a harsh planet with few living creatures. They have been space travelling way before mankind, visited us (and give us the Gorgon mythology). They can freeze/paralyse any livingthing with which they have eye contact (not literally petrified). Otherwise they are strong, flexibles, very heavy (strong winds) and Zola, the copilot of the new space-ambulance Dragnard is very quiet and reserved. The Order of the Red Star is the distant future offspring of the Red Cross, saving and helping people during conflicts around the galaxy... They are neutral but not always welcomed.

This is part of a character study, I just added a meaningful background to make it more appealing.
[pencil sketch + digitally colored]
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