The Strike Fangs Picture

Strike Fang, I:

It is not known as to how the strange man, known only as the Strike Fang, had gotten his super powers..a legend tells of a lone survivor of the Serpent God Set's children.. a race of snake peoples whose culture and race have all been wiped from the face of the planet..Could this mysterious creature be him? Or is this merely a mutant, born disfigured and forced to wear a helmet to hide the snakeman within? No one knows for sure..

What is known is that he sabotaged the Mind Warp machine that was to convert the Clone of the Star Superion into a mindless servant of the Serpent Sectarium, the result became known to some serpent acolytes as "the Great Betrayal," as when once the Black Momba Learned of his role, and had all the inside scoops on the organization. The Council of Fangs were the ruling class, and were the ones he must eradicate in order to become the sole ruler. So Momba made a bid for total control, and subsequently made allot of enemies with former Serpent Sectarium leaders who managed to escape that battle... The Strike Fang was mortally Injured during that bid for Control of the Serpent Sectarium, and as a fitting homage to his lost friend, the Black Momba created a small army of Clones, to serve as his personal body Guards and Assassins, known as the "Strike Fangs."

The Strike Fangs:

Strike Fangs have the Ability to stretch their upper body almost like that of an elastic Band, also allowing them to constrict their prey and on their hands they wield poisonous Tungsten Carbide claws that can cut through almost anything.

The Strike Fangs are a loyalist to the Black Momba and acts as his able body Guards and Assassins..though they might be the most dangerous beings on the planet. A prophecy told to the Black Momba by the sea witch Hageratha, that the Blood of the Children of Set will one day unlock the unholy prison of the great God, a Giant Serpent.. and on that day there begins the final battle, Ragnarök!! A legend tells in Norse Mythology that this battle will show the end of the world and the death of The mighty Thunder God Thor..

time will tell if this legend is true..the scary thing is, that because the Strike fangs are clones of a creature that is not human or of this world, they have begun cloning themselves without the aide of machines..which even to the cold hard exterior of the Black Momba, makes him fear the outcome..
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