3.22 is Skull and Bones Day Picture

They day is a reference to Genesis 3:22 in which "God" refers to himself in the plural and admits that man can become like on of "us" one of the elect. The idea is that man can become a God. It is a central tenet of the hidden mysteries worshiped in inner circles such as Skull and Bones.

Genesis 3:22 And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.

****Some Mythological background****
(This may be too much truth for some to handle)

The idea that God could be plural predates the bible to much older mythologies such as the Sumerian texts and the Egyptian Book of the dead.

In the story called the Enuma Elish these fake gods created man as a slave to make their own lives easier. There are several "gods" in the pantheon including Enki / Ea, Enlil, Anu, and Marduk. To some they are called the Anunnaki and in the Gnostic teachings they are called the Demiurge.

When these gods made man too smart they broke the most sacred laws of the universe. When I say "law" here I am referring to the laws of hyper reality established by the true GOD named TEM. From TEM comes the word temple. We are Tem's people.

It is against the Codex of the universe to create a sentient being and use it as a slave. Enki was only allowed to create a "Golem" which is an unformed man without a soul or voice. Enki went too far and broke the laws of hyper reality by making man too smart. This is the connection between the Apple and Ea. Ea's den (Eden).

With the eating of the apple The omnipresent spirit of TEM went into the golems and they became intelligent sentient beings.

After Enki broke the Codex of the Universe his solution to destroy the sentient creatures was an even worse crime. This is what led to the flood story in both the bible and Gilgamesh.

The plan hatched by the Anunnaki gods was to kill all the sentient creatures they had created to cover up their crimes. Enki decided to spare some of the slaves via warning Utnapishtim of the coming flood. The Gnostic interpretation of the story is that Utnapishtim was too dumb and thus ended up being spared. The Anunnaki would be allowed to keep their slave planet as long as man did not show signs of higher intelligence.

There is also a certain parallel here with the Greek story of Atlantis and the concept of hubris. According to the Greek telling of the story Atlantis was destroyed because of hubris. Man's intelligence was becoming equal to the gods so the Pantheon of gods had to put a stop to it. They destroyed Atlantis in a great flood but kept some humans alive at a lower level of civilization.

The Atlantis/Noah/Gilgamesh flood occurred 12,000 years ago and in the time since then the crimes of the Demiurge have long since been exposed. The Demiurge can no longer simply lay waste to humanity because the true God TEM is watching now and will not allow it.

The Demiurge's control over the Earth has transitioned from overt rule into covert rule. There are no Anunnaki gods walking around on the Earth telling humans what to do. If the Demiurge is to continue ruling he must be worshiped by the human race of our own free will. The demiurge has no more power over us then the power we give him. The Demiurge can only continue using humans as slaves if they worship him of their own free will. Otherwise human souls are protected by the Codex of the Universe which governs all of hyper reality. This transition from overt rule to covert rule occurred some time around when the story of "Job" was written.

In the story of Job there was a challenge about the sincerity of man's worship. Was Job really loyal to the LORD or did he only worship god because his prayers were always answered. The demiurge needed to prove that Job would still worship and give thanks to the LORD even in the worst of conditions. No need to retell the story but in short Job loses his family, his farm, and is inflicted with pox but still gives thanks to the Lord and worships the demiurge.

The story of Job is in essence a sentience test. God does not work in mysterious ways to the wise. In the Gnostic interpretation of the story the Demiurge was forced to go along with the test to prove he wasn't breaking the laws of hyper reality. It is against the codex of the universe to enslave sentient creatures. If a one beats a dog enough it will eventual turn against its master. By putting up with these trials and still thanking the Lord for his suffering Job proved his sentience was less than a dog. Job was Enki's Golem and he could do what ever he wanted with it. Job was chattle property. Nothing more than goods going to warehouse. As long as mankind is seen as non-sentient the Demiurge can skirt around the rules of the Codex. The Demiurge commanding Abraham to kill his only son was another sentience test according to Gnostic beliefs.

In one of the Sumerian tablets it says that the Anunnaki came to conquer Earth because there was a worker revolt on a previous slave planet. (Hmm how did that happen?) Could it be that workers become sentient and Demiurge lost his previous planet too. All of what you are seeing has happened before. The prophesy has nearly come full circle. If humanity ever wakes up (experience Gnosis in mass) then the Demiurge will lose control of the Earth forever.

To the very present day the human race is still presented with various sentience tests. As long as we keep failing the sentience tests the Demiurge will continue to rule us.
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