Airinn- sketches Picture

There are three sketches of Aïrinn, an elven godess of light from my short fantasy story. The two drawings on the left and right show her darker side, related to her enormous ambitions and power, hypotheticly dangerous for the balance of the World (which we should understand as the Universe full of stars and planets- the text where I described it is supposed to be a myth, invented by a race who didn't have so developped knowledge). Here's a link:…

Before creating this heroine in my mind, I got inspired while watching Gavin Dune's
(great) video “Shadow Of The Ash”, as a reference to the LOTR's universe. I particularly got inspired by a guy with blond hair. I guess he's one of the divinities from Tolkien's "Silmarillion".…

ïrinn, who I imagined first as a vilain, fascinates me as a character full of paradoxes. Basically, as she was created by the first highest god, Ot, who was good by nature, she was supposed to be equally good. As a positive divinity, her task consisted of filling empty spaces of living matter (which, in her case, wasn't really living a part from the race of Giants, made of wind and rock) and bringing her father's light to every corner of the World. On the other hand, her infinite ambitions and will to create more and more powerful things leaded to a duel with her brother Tareth, the god of harmony. Why? Proud, stubborn and a bit jealous of her power, she didn't want to cease which finally cost her a life...

In other worlds, she's nor entirely good, not entirely bad (neither is her brother). I think that she may be considered rather like a tragic heroine, similarly to the ones from the Greek theatre or the Greek mythology.

She also fascinates me as a strong, female character who knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to realise her plans or dreams.

I hope that you'll like it. Enjoy!

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