Loviatar Queen of Saturn Picture

This is Loviatar Queen of Saturn, she is the next Queen in my series of Past planet Queens
Her name means In Finnish mythology Loviatar, also known as Louhi, was a goddess of death and plague.
the reason I gave her this name was because sailor saturn is the scout of death

Her look I gave her a strapless purple gown with icey blue lace over lay and a orange hip wrap thing with a pin holding up shaped like the top of Saturn's Staff, she has earings with small saturns on them and little crystals, like the ones Sailor saturn wairs at one point, I am thinking sailor saturn got them from her mother, Loviatar has long purple hair that gose down to her calfs, that is tied back with a orange tie, and she has a crown and neck lace made of orange gems and the the bottem of the necklace there is a pendent that looks kind of like on of Sailor saturns brootchs on her bow.

she is the 7th Queen of the Past Kingdom
Hope you all like
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