Gobellian Picture

So I had this idea for my game which helped to explain some Earth mythology. A prison ship on it's way to a penal planet was struck by an meteor or some such forcing it to land on the primitive 15th century Earth. The crew and most of the prisoners survived though nearly all of them escaped. These escapees humans would call "Monsters" and being that they were the worst examples of their species, Solarans (humans) simply assumed that all of them were evil. This superstition combined with some mispronunciation lead to many of the mythologies that human in my game believed in for centuries. It also explains why in later centuries all of these "Monsters" seemingly disappeared. The above creature is one of those "Monster" species a Gobellian (Often mispronounced Goblin), they are from the planet Gobell (Pronounced: go-bell as in slow and well) they are diminutive creatures being only about 3 and a half feet tall. There greatest accomplishments lie in weapons technology having developed some of the most powerful explosives in the five galaxies. Their skin is brown or green and covered in scales suggesting that they may have been descended from reptiles. Good and evil run equally among their people as in Solarans (humans).
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