Orpheus and Lucia Jade Picture

potential chara sheets.

Orpheus is my new SW OC character, made for Star Wars Combine. it's an online RPG, and I'm fulfilling my craving for RP/gaming. *__* The name Orpheus comes from Greek mythology. He was a legendary Thracian poet and musician whose music had the power to move even inanimate objects and who almost succeeded in rescuing his wife Eurydice from Hades. Something like the Force? Maybe I should make him a bit music-oriented too.
also first time I drew a lightsaber (without it being in someone's hand). I should get into the habit of doing that for both GL's charas and my own. that way I won't duplicate designs.

here's a description I posted on my LJ and the SWC chara sheet yesterday:
Orpheus' father was a Jedi Knight - Lucia Jade - during the era of the Old Republic. Lucia survived the Emperor's Jedi Purge, and settled down with a speeder/droid technicion, Millia, on a nondescript planet in order to remain undetected by the Empire. Orpheus' older sister is Mara Jade, who was taken from his father before he was born.

Orpheus grew up rather peacefully, until the Emperor found out that Luc was a surviving Jedi from the Old Republic, and they had to start living on the run, moving from planet to planet in order to avoid capture and Luc's death. Orpheus at this time was about 10 years old. Not too long later, Luc found that his son was Force-sensitive, and started training him. Millia later died of a terminal disease, when Orpheus was 16.

The Empire eventually caught up with them, and Luc was captured. Orpheus, now 20 and a proficient Force-user, somehow escaped, and joined the Renegade Inc., swearing to rescue his father. The Renegades were a group of mercenaries who were originally part of the Repubic Navy. He eventually did, and Luc also joined the Renegades after a time.

drawn and coloured in oC using wacom Graphire 2 tablet.

Luc and Orpheus are (c) me.
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