Other Three Homestuck FCs Picture

Kate Romero (My last name is special...)
Pesterchum handle: vocaloidCyborg
Typing quirk: normal capitalization except when SHOUTING; normal punctuation and uses basic emoticons.
Species: Human
Age: 14
Personality: Independent around technology, but very open-minded around people close to her. Gets very random after eating too much sugar and has a slight anger issue.
Interests: Music, Traditional/Digital art, and in some cases, videogames
Strife specibi: whipkind
Fetch modus: iPod
Dream self: Prospit
In-game planet: Land of rain and whistling
Mythological role: Witch of Blood
Relationship: Flushed crush: Eridan (AHEM! plot thingie! ^u^)

Catris Tigora
Pesterchum handle: energeticKitten
Typing quirk: Always starts her sentence with (=*.*
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