TWSS: Jyu-Oh-Sei Picture

I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T GET TO POST THIS ON TUESDAY. I was too busy moving back in my parents house after school finished up and yeah busybusy.

But I'm hoping I can get a couple done today so that I get another buffer going. It was so nice having one.

Anywho, this is Thor from the show Jyu-Oh-Sei (translates into Planet of the Beast King). My friend Rob recommended that I watch it so I did. It was pretty cool. Turned out to be no where near what I expected in a good way I guess. TIME SKIP whut.

I decided to draw the main character Thor not-so-Odinson. Actually I forget his legit last name.
But yeah, this show had a lot of Norse mythology in it for no apparent reason. All I know is that "Thor" in Japanese is pronouced like "Tor" and that made me laugh a bit.

Thor (C) Itsuki Natsumi
Art (C) Me (Lazy-Perfection)
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